Want list.

I am currently looking for the following records. I'm most interested in US punk, especially bands from Texas and Connecticut, old Australian and Norwegian punk, Mexican, Brazilian, and Finnish hardcore, and 90's-present garage rock. I seperated the list by era to make it easier to search. I'm willing to buy or trade for this stuff; Take a look at my trade list. Feel free to email me: cheaprewards@gmail.com. Most Wanted:

70's punk/80s hardcore:

ABSURD "Blodig Stad" EP (1982)
ÄPÄRÄT "Häiriköt Tulee" EP (Stinky Boy 1984)
AVENGERS s/t LP (CD Presents 1983) Blue sleeve design
BEYOND THE IMPLODE "Last Thoughts" 7in. (Diverse 1979)
BIG BOYS skateboard (ZORLAC)
BLACK CHROME "Australia's God" 7in. (Tomorrow 1978) w/sleeve
BLACK FLAG "My War" LP Japanese pressing w/ obi
BOBBY SOXX "Learn to Hate" 7in. (VVV 1978)
CLEAN "Tally-Ho" 7in. (Flying Nun 1981) textured paper & silver ink on sleeve, w/ insert
COCK SPARRER "Runnin' Riot" 7in. (Decca 1977) w/sleeve
COCK SPARRER s/t LP (Decca 1978)
COUNT VERTIGO "X-Patriots" 7in. (Cool 1979)
CRASS "Feeding of 5000" LP (Small Wonder 1979)
DILS "I Hate the Rich" 7in. (What 1977) w/ "Oils" sleeve
DISCHARGE "State Violence State COntrol" EP (Telefunken 1982)
DRESS UP AS NATIVES "You Had to be There" +2 EP (Public 1982)
D.R.I. "Dirty Rotten" EP (Dirty Rotten 1983)
EXECUTIVES "Jet Set" 7in. (Radioactive 1980) w/sleeve
FHAB 4 "Dead Beatles" 7in. (Glu 1982)
FUN THINGS "When the Birdmen Fly" +3 (PRS 80)
GASOLINE "Killer Man" 7in. (Egg Records 1977)
GUIDED BY VOICES "Propeller" LP (Rockathon 1992)
HALF JAPANESE "Calling All Girls" EP (50 Skadillion Watts 1979) w/ silkscreened mailer, poster, inserts
HALF JAPANESE "1/2 Gentlemen/Not Beasts" cassette (50 Skadillion Watts 1979)
HALF JAPANESE "1/2 Live" cassette (50 Skadillion Watts 1979)
HATES "No Talk In the 80s" +3 EP (Faceless 1979)
HEART ATTACK "God Is Dead" 7in. (Damaged Goods 1981)
HITLER SS / TAMPAX split 7in. (Compact Cassette 1979)
HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE "Cone Johnson" EP (Cygnus 1981)
ICE 9 "Out Out Out" 7in. (Cool 1979) w/silk-screened sleeve
INTERNATIONAL Q "Small Talk" 7in. (Queue 1981)
JACKIE SHARK & THE BEACH BUTCHERS "2nd Generations Rising" 7in. (Snotty Nose)
JOHN VOMIT & THE LEATHER SCABS "Picked Off the Litter" 7in. (Emesis 1978)
JUST URBAIN "Burning" 7in. (Savage 1979)
JUST URBAIN "Everybody Loves Just Urbain" 7in. (Shake 1980)
KRIMINELLA GITARRER "Vardad Kladsel" 7in. (Kloaak)
LEFTOVERS "Cigarrettes and Alcohol" +2 EP (Punji Stick 1979)
LEGIONAIRE'S DISEASE BAND "Rather See You Dead" 7in. (Disease Unlimited 1979)
LUCKY PIERRE "Communique" 1-sided 7in. (Unadulterated 1984)
MARGARET THATCHER & THE SUPPLY SIDE 7in. (Middle Class Trendy Wave 1981)
MENTAL ABUSE "Streets of Filth" LP (Urinal 1984)
MENTALLY ILL "Gacy's Place" 7in. (Autistic 1979)
MIKE REP & THE QUOTAS "Rocket to Nowhere" 7in. (Moxie 1975)
MINOR THREAT "Filler" EP (Dischord 1981) Red sleeve
MINOR THREAT "In My Eyes" EP (Dischord 1981) Red vinyl
ONES "Short Dress" +1 7in. (Blue Ribbon 1979)
NEXT "Kick Ass" 7in. (Sharp 1980)
PAGANS "Six and Change" 7in. (Neck 1977)
QUEERS "We'd Have a Riot" +5 EP (Doheney 1982)
QUEERS "Kicked Out of the Webelos" +6 EP (Doheney 1984)
REGULAR JOES "Flying Butterfly" EP (Prospect Hill 1983)
SEEMS TWICE "Non-Plussed" EP (Doublethink 1980)
SHEER SMEGMA "Audio Suicide" EP (FFD 1980)
STAINS "John Wayne Was a Nazi" 7in. (Radical 1980)
SUICIDE SQUAD "I Hate School" 7in. (Doublethink)
TACTICS "Standing By the Window" 7in. (Folding Chair 1978)
TERVEET KADET "Rock Laahausta Vastaan" EP (Ikbal 1980)
VERTICAL SLIT "Slit and Pre-Slit" LP (1977)
VERTICAL SLIT "Urban Imprint 3" EP (1979)
VICTIMS "Television Addict" 7in. (1978)
VICTIMS "I Understand" +4 EP (1978)
YOUNG IDENTITIES "New Trends" EP (Shake 1980)
YOUTH BRIGADE "Possible" EP (Dischord 1981)
ZERO BOYS "Livin' in the 80's" EP (Z-Disk 1982)
ZMIV "Banzai! Here's Zmiv Beware" 7in. (1982) record/insert needed
V/A "Happy Squid Sampler" EP (Happy Squid 1980)


ATROCIOUS MADNESS "Japanese Tour Packet" (Atrocious Release)
CARBONAS "Frothing At the Mouth" 7in. (Douchemaster) blue "metal pose" sleeve
CIDER s/t EP (Noncommercial 1994) "Jew Boy 3" or "Jerry Lewis" sleeves
CLONE DEFECTS "Lizard Boy" EP (Italy 2000) w/ spray painted sleeve
D.S.B. "No Fight No Get" EP (Devour 1996) Test press w/ full color sleeve
ELLIOTT SMITH "Roman Candle" LP (Domino 1994)
GAG REFLEX "Live From Studio A" tape (Bloodclot 1993)
GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS "Charishot Politics" EP (River On Fire) red vinyl
H100'S "Dismantle" EP (Bloodclot 1995) w/ "Pay No More Than $3" on sleeve
LAST SONS OF KRYPTON "Atom Bomb" 7in.(Decay) w/ Big Lots parking lot sleeve
LEBENDEN TOTEN "Contamination" EP (2008)
LOST SOUNDS "Plastic Skin" +3 7in. (Solid Sex Lovie Doll Records 2000)
MUMMIES "Shitsville" EP (Regal Select 1990) blue sleeve w/ insert
NINE SHOCKS TERROR "Earth Wind & Shiek Throwing Fire" EP (River on Fire) blue vinyl w/ acetate cover
PUNCTURE WOUND EP (Bloodclot 1999) "Teen Fun at the Beach" sleeve
REATARDS "Get Real Stupid" 7in. (Goner 1997) Pocket sleeve
RUINERS "Blank Your Life" EP (Bloodclot 1999) any alt. sleeves
SPIDER "Witch Cookie" 7in. (Horizontal Action 2006) lightning sleeve
TIMES NEW VIKING 7" (Columbus Discount) red vinyl

'76-80s Punk and Hardcore:

Ambient Noise "I Was There At the Texas Chainsaw Massacre" 7in. (Glimm)
Anti-Band "Only Album" LP (Zebian)
Anti-Band "In Love With A Cat" 7in. (Zebian)
Anti-Cimex "Raped Ass" EP (Really Fast)
Antler Joe and the Accidents "Go Commercial" EP (Killer Sheep)
Articles of Faith "Wait" EP (Affirmation)
Articus Eaght s/t 12"
Attoxxxico "Punks de Mierda" EP
Bannlyst "La Dem Ikke Lure Deg" EP (X-Port Plater)
Bad Guys "Ex-Cape" 7in. (Get-Away)
Bats "Popgun" 7in. (Gustav)
Blitz "All Out Attack" 7in.
Bored Cops "Death Beach" 7in. (Bored)
Breeders "Zen Punk" EP (Nova)
Brulbajz "Dodens Apostlar" 7in. (Prylen)
Bum Kon "Drunken Sex Sucks" EP (Local Anaesthetic)
Chemotherapy s/t EP (Uprising)
Chronic Disorder "Blood and Honor" 7in. (Chronic Disorder)
Church Mice "Babe We're Not Part of Society" 7in.
Circle X -"Heartbreaker" 7in. (Circle X)
Clay "Middle East Combat Area" EP (Dogma)
Conflict "America's Right" demo
Credits "It's You" 7in. (Thunder)
Danny & The Gentiles "Microwave meltdown" + 3 EP (Ice)
DDT "Brave New World" EP (Five Minute)
Deadline s/t LP (Peterbilt)
Death "Keep on Knockin'" 7in. (Triangle)
Demon Preacher "Illegal pressings" 7in.
Desperate Bicycles "New Cross" 7in. (Refill)
Desperate Bicycles "Occupied Territory" 7in. (Refill
Detention "Dead Rocknrollers" 7in. (Rigor Mortis)
Dieter Meier "Cry of Fame" 7in. (Periphery Perfume)
Disarm "Regerings Stodda Mord" EP
Dogs "Rot n Roll" 7in. (Rave-Up)
Drunks with Guns "Punched in the Head" 7in. (Cheap Beer) black labels/red writing
Drunks with Guns "Thirst For Knowwledge" 7in. (Cheap Beer) stamped labels/MCRP in matrix
Ejectors "Hydrohead" 7in. (VVV)
Electroflux "Eigth Avenue" 7in. (Wolfsschanze)
Epitome "Thief of Lovers Lane" 12" (21st Century Rd)
Erratic "I Wrecked Myself" 7in. (Important)
Evening Outs "Channel" 7in. (Refill)
Extrem / Mickyman split LP (Rebel)
Familia Real "Destruye" 7in.
Fix "Vengeance" 7in. (Tough & Go)
Flying Calvittos "Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks" 7in. (Groove)
Filth "Don't Hide Your Hate" 7in. (Plurex)
George Harrasment "Masai Sleepwalking" (Black Noise)
GG Allin "1980s Rock N Roll" 7in. (Destiny)
GG Allin "Always Was, Is, and Always Shall Be" LP (Orange)
GG Allin "Bored to Death" aka "Studio Live" EP (Blood)
GG Allin "Gimme Some Head" 7in. (Orange)
GG Allin "You Hate Me and I Hate You" 7in. (Orange)
GG Allin & The Scumfucks s/t EP (Blood)
GG Allin & The Scumfucks "Eat My Fuc" LP (Blood)
Go-Betweens "Lee Remick" 7in. (Able)
Go-Betweens "People Say" 7in. (Able)
Gordons "Future Shock" 7in.
Hærverk "Stengt" 7in. (Torpedo Plater)
Hollywood Squares "Hillside Strangler" 7in. (Square)
Homosexuals "You're Not Acting the way" (Black Noise)
Homosexuals "Ici la bas" LP (Black Noise)
Ikka Shinjyuu "Slow Down" 7in.
Imagen "Y Ahora Que?" EP
Injections "Prison Walls" 7in. (Radio Active)
Invader "Don't Blame it on Me" 7in. (Machine Gun Rock)
IRA "Barquizidio" 7in.
IRA "Atentado Terrorista" 7in.
Jerrys Kids "Is This My World" LP (Xclaim)
Jet Boys 7in. (New Age)
Jigs & The Pigs "Reason I Rock" 7in. (Force)
Junior Executives "Capital Gains Tax Increase Blues" 7in. (Physiocrat)
Kack Klick 7in.
Knots "Action" 7in. (Ideal)
Kohu 63 "Lisaaverta Historiaan" LP (Poko)
Kohu 63 "Pelimanimussaa" 7in. (Poko)
Kohu 63 "Valtaa Ei loistoa" 12" (Poko)
Kraut "Kill For Cash" 7in. (Cabbage)
Lama "Nimeton" 7in. (Johanna)
Lama "Totuus Loytyy Kaurapuurosta" 7in. (Johanna)
Lama "Valiaikainen" 7in. (Johanna)
Lama "Ajatuksen Loppu" 7in. (Johanna)
Last Rites For Genocide / MIA split LP (Smoke Seven)
Leusemia s/t LP (El Virrey)
Lost Kids "Cola Freaks" 7in. (Medley)
Mad "Eyeball" 7in. (Disgusting)
Mad "Fried Egg" 7in. (Disgusting)
Manisch Depressiv "Gott ist tot" 7in. (Soilant)
Mars s/t 12" (Lust/Unlust)
Massacre 68 s/t LP
Massacre 68 / Hysteria split 7in.
Matt Grim "Backstreet Boy" 7in. (Disposable)
Mello D s/t 7in. (Soilant) with 2nd sleeve
MG-15 "Derecho A La Vide" EP (Attack Punk)
Mice "Can you Walk on the Water" 7in. (Valentine)
Mirrors "Shogeki-X" 7in. (Gozira)
Negative Trend "Mercenaries" 7in. (Heavy Manners)
Nightmare "Give Notice" LP (Selfish)
Nihilistics "After Death" +4 EP (Visionary)
No Tag "Can We Get Away With It?" 12"
Obsessed "Iron and Stone" +3 EP (Invictus)
October Days "Do the Right Thing" 12" (AIM)
Ohlo Seco "Botas, Fuzis, E Capacetes" EP (Punk Rock Discos)
Outpatients "Basement Tape" demo
Pablums / Joe Potts split 7in. (LAFMS)
Pagans "Not Now No Way" 7in. (Drome)
Pagans "Street Where Nobody Lives" 7in. (Drome)
Pere Ubu "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" 7in. (Hearthan)
Pere Ubu "Final Solution" 7in. (Hearthan)
Pink Dirt "Hey Sir" 7in. (Dirt)
Plague "Catch the Plague" LP (BBT)
Plugz "Mindless Contentment" 7in. (Slash)
Precision Bearings 7in. (Fowl)
Prosecutors "I've Got a Message" 7in. (Prosecutors)
Proud Scum / Terrorways split 7in. (Ripper)
Psycho Sin "Forward to the Caves" LP (Inward Visions)
R.A.F. "Echoes of a Slamming Door" 7in. (Whiplash)
Ratos de Parao "Crucificados Pelo Sistema" LP (Ataque Frontal) red cover
Rats s/t LP (Whizeagle)
Rattus "Rattus on Rautta" 12" (Poko)
Rattus "WC Rajahtta" 12" (Poko)
Raw Power "You Are the Victim" LP (Meccano)
Reactors "It's Not Important" 7in. (Stress)
Really Red "Rest In Pain" LP (CIA)
Rebels & Infidels "Government Primer" 7in. (Immortal Nuts)
Robert Trimbole's Hat "Suntan" 7in.
Rocks "You'r So Boring" EP (Point Blank)
R.P.A. "Shoot the Pope" 7in. (RPA)
Saints "(I'm) Stranded" 7in. (Fatal)
Schund s/t 7in. Cover with band photo
Scientists "Frantic Romantic" 7in. (SMX)
Scream "Government Primer" EP (Immortal Nuts)
Shirkers "Drunk & Disorderly" 7in. (Limp) band sleeve
Shitdogs LP
Shrapnel "Combat Love" 7in. (Salute)
Sickness "Corpsemonger" 7in. (Stinky Bike)
Sick Things "Antisocial Disease" 7in. (Chaos)
Sick Things "Committed to Suicide" 7in. (Max Cassette)
Siekeira "Atak" EP
Siggy Magic and the Hey Ho Band "Commercials For Free" EP
Sir Alick + The Phaser 7in. (Black Noise) collage sleeve
Skitslickers "GBG 1982" EP
Sleepers "Seventh World" 7in. (Win)
Sonic Youth "Confustion is Sex" LP (Neutral)
Sonic's Rendezvous Band "City Slang" 7in. (Orchide)
Sperma "Zuri Punx" 7in. (Another Swiss Label)
Spies "My Radio" 7in. (TX)
Spike in Vain "Jesus Was Born in a Model Home" tape
Subhumans "Death to the Sickoids" 7in.
Subhumans "Firing Squad" 7in. (Quintessence)
Sune Suds & Gronlandsrockarna "Du Ar Bevakad" EP
Svart Parad LP
Tar Babies / Mecht Mensch split demo
Teen Idles "Minor Distubance" EP (Dischord)
Teenage PHDs "Eat the Poor" +3 EP (Erectile)
Tetsu-Array s/t LP
Toxic Reasons "War Hero" 7in. (Banit)
Toxin III s/t EP (Vinyl Solution)
Trend "Electric Chair" 7in. (Trend)
Urban Waste s/t EP (Mob Style)
Vatican Commandos "Hit Squad For God" EP (Pregnant Nun)
Velvet Underground "Sweet Sister Ray" 2xLP
Verge "Habitual" 7in.
Victims "Annette" 7in. (Plan 9)
Vicious Visions "I Beat You" 7in. (NM)
Violators "NY Ripper" 7in. (Syringe)
Violent Tumor s/t EP (Tumor Head)
Void/Faith split LP (red labels)
Voigt/465 "A Secret West" 7in. (Unanimous Weld Enunciations)
Wipers "Better Off Dead" 7in. (Trap) w/full color sleeve
World War XXIV "Azaria" 7in. (Eyebrow)
Xenofobia "Muerte En America" EP
Zouo "Final Agaony" EP (AA)
V/A "4 Per A//AA Per Tutti" EP (A-Rivista Anarchia)
V/A "A Terse Sample" (Terse)
V/A "Als je har maar goed zit" LP (Vogelspin) Volumes 1&2
V/A "Blubkred" LP (LAFMS)
V/A "Eye of the Thrash Guerilla" LP (Selfish)
V/A "Hang the Sucker Volume 1" EP (Kagai Mousou)
V/A "Ingenting for Norge" LP
V/A "It Happened…But Nobody Noticed" LP (Gustav)
V/A "La Ciudad Podrida" LP
V/A "Made In South Bay" EP (Criminal)
V/A "New Hope" LP (New Hope)
V/A "No Core" tape
V/A "O Comeneco Do Fum Do Mundo" LP
V/A "Papi, Queens, Reichlanzers, & Presidenti" EP (Attack Punk)
V/A "Process of Elimination" EP (Tough & Go)
V/A "Raptus" LP (Meccano)
V/A "Raptus 2" LP (Meccano)
V/A "Really Fast Volume 1" LP (Really Fast)
V/A "Really Fast Volume 2" LP (Really Fast)
V/A "Really Fast Volume 4" LP (Really Fast)
V/A "Skins And Punks = TNT" EP (C.A.S)
V/A "Solo Para Punx" LP
V/A "Sub" LP (Estudios Vermelhos) red vinyl
V/A "Triple Cross Counter" 7in. (Kagai Mousou)
V/A "Weird Noise" EP (Fuck Off)
V/A "What Records Sampler" EP (What?)
V/A "Why March When we can Riot" LP (Aberrant)
V/A "Yes LA" LP (Dangerhouse) graphic/text only/no silkscreen/etc


Tape/CD-R only releases:
Amrep "Earthwork" cassette
Archaic Pax demo
Beat Happening s/t Cass (K)
Bikini Kill "Revolution Girl Style" cassette
Brainwashed Youth demo
Captain 9 & Knickerbocker Trio cassette (Loud + Noisy Prod) w/ I'm a Pig +5
Cheapshots cassette
Copout "More Dead Than Alive" cassette
Copout - other demo
Creatures demo (Iron Press)
Dead Moon "What's all the Fuzz About" cassette
Deathreat demo
Devestation Demo (CT)
Doug Gillard "Other Tapes" demo
Earthlings "Callow" cassette
Earthlings "Sink" cassette
Earthlings "The Love Tape" cassette
Eat Skull / Wrecks split cassette
Epileptix demo
Eunuchs "Hazardous to Your Health" cassette
Fast Eddie & Slim Pickens demo
Final Solutions CD-R
Go Team "Archer Come Sparrow" cassette (K)
Go Team "Donna Parker Pop" cassette (K)
Go Team "Recorded Live at the Washington Center for Performing Art" cassette
Go Team "Your Pretty Guitar" cassette
Great Plains "Slave to Rocknroll" cassette
Hitone Destroyers "Enter the Layer of the Black Flame" cassette
Hitone Destroyers / Ho-Dogs split tape
Hope Fools tape
Hospitals / Big Techno Werewolves split cassette
Hospitals demo tape
Jim Shepard "Colliseums" tape
Jim Shepard "Jagged Flesh" tape
Jim Shepard "Morphine Monogram" tape
Jim Shepard "Amber Lit Sky Light"
Jim Shepard "Folk City Aztec Drama" V 1&2
Jimi Shepard Experience - No Big Deal
Jimi Shepard Experience - Whiskey Priest
Jimi Shepard Experience - Amsterdam
Jimi Shepard Experience - Evil Twin
Joan Pfeiffer & The Twinkeys demos
Last Sons of Kryption "Last Hope" cassette
Leather Uppers "A Very uppers Xmas" cassette
Leather Uppers "Live at Music Gallery" cassette
Lil Bunnies "Night of the Lepus" cassette (Moo La La)
Los Huevos "Wallygigs" cassette (Moo La La)
Midnight Callers demo
Mike Rep & The Quotas "Closet King" cassette
Mike Rep & The Quotas "Tree Trunk" C-60
Monoshock "Which Way to the Meat Market" cassette
MOTO cassette releases
Nar "Live Gold" cassette (Secret Center)
Ninja Paul & Lickwid Schitz demo
Oblivians split tape w/ Impala
Pink Reason - Faking Death CD-R
Pink Reason - Electric Candy Cowboy CD-R
Pist 2 song demo tape (Eugene)
Sam Esh - Sammy Salls Singe tape
Sam Esh - Jack of Diamonds tape
Screenz cd-r demo
Pist Demo (w/ TSS, BF, POE, etc. on b-side)
Sic Alps - Semi Streets cassette
Sic Alps - Teenage Alps cassette
Sex/Vid demos/official live tapes
Suave Motherfuckers demo
Supreme Cool Beings cassette
Thee Insects demo
Times New Viking "Little Amps" tape
TKO's demo (Cleveland)
Tommy Jay "Toms Tall Tales" cassette
TV EYEs tapes
Tyvek "Fast Metabolism" cd-r
Tyvek "Cauldron Burn" cd-r
Tyvek "Flowers" cd-r
Wooden Shjips - Xmas tape
V-3 - Other Side of Darkness
V-3 - Radio Show WNVR '95
V-3 - Unbroken Silence
V-3 - Psychic Dance Hall
V-3 Nogetiate Nothing
V-3 - video Death: Phase 2 video
V-3 - Skull Fuck 69
V-3 - live cd-r
Vertical Slit "Trans-Pigmentational Slit"
Vertical Slit "17 Configurations"
Zero Kings tape
V/A "Danger is Their Business" cassette
V/A "Lets Together" cassette
V/A "Swords from the Old" cassette
V/A "Xeroxica!" cassette (Secret Center)

Acid Ranch "Some of the Magic Syrup" 2xLP
AI "A Hope on the Concrete" LP (Blood Sucker)
AI "Arming Rebellion" 7in. (Blood Sucker)
American Gorilla "Zeros are alweays texans" ep
Armitage Shanks "Croc o Shit" LP
Armitage Shanks "Are Friends Electric?"
Armitage Shanks "Electric Landlady" LP
Armitage Shanks "Fast Cars" 7in.
Armitage Shanks "I know What You Need"
Armitage Shanks "Live at Incerlochie Bar"
Armitage Shanks "Love In a Void"
Armitage Shanks "Shirts Off" 7in.
Armitage Shanks "Sing and Play 20 Punk Hits" LP
Armitage Shanks "Urinal Heep" LP
Armitage Shanks "Roads Fever"
Beat Happening "Honey Pot" 7in. (53rd & 3rd) flexi
Beat Happening "Sea Hunt" 7in. w/ brown sleeve
Bend Sinister 7in. (Spork Records)
Brainbombs "Anne Frank" 7in.
Brainbombs "Burning Hell" 7in.
Brainbombs "Burning Hell" LP
Brainbombs "Cheap" 12"
Brainbombs "Jack the Ripper" 7in.
Brainbombs "No Place" 7in.
Brainbombs / Anal Babes split 7in.
Brentwoods "You Broke" 7in. pink vinyl
BSN - Guerra EP
Caesars Palace "Youth Is Wasted on the Young" L
Captain 9s and the Knickerbocker Trio "Rocknroll Paper Route" 7in. (Heartpunch)
Captain 9s and the Knickerbocker Trio split 7in. with Fuckboyz (Heartpunch)
Cee Cee Baumont "Chef do the..." 7in.
Clockcleaner "fan club" 7in.
Crude - 2 song 12" EP (Bloodsucker)
Crude / Violence Moment split 7in.
Crude s/t LP (Dynamite Kids)
Dead Moon "Clouds of Dawn" 7in. (Subway/Music Maniac; black and white sleeve)
Dead Moon "Dead Moon Night" LP
Dead Moon "Dirty Noise" 7in. (Sub Pop; clear vinyl)
Dead Moon "Hard Wired In Ljubljana" 2xLP (Music Maniac)
Dead Moon "Live Evil" 2xLP
Dead Moon "Parchment Farm" 7in. (first press, no catalog number. Tombstone)
Dead Moon s/t promo 12" (Music Maniac)
Dead Moon "Sabotage" (live to acetate copy)
Dead Moon / Lemonheads split 7in. (GOAR; with magazine)
Dead Moon / Napalm Beach split live 10in.
Didjits "Fizzjob" LP (Bam Bam)
Disclose "Demos Album" LP (Love and Hope)
Disclose "Great Swedish Feast" 10in. (Overthrow)
Disclose "Once the War Started" 7in. (Overthrow)
Disclose / Homomilitia split 7in. (Scream)
Disclose / Hellkrusher split 7in. (Blood Sucker)
Disclose / Insane Youth split 7in. (MCR)
Disclose / Squandered split 7in. (Dan-Doh)
Disclose "Tragedy" LP (Overthrow)
Dobermans "Creepy Crawlers" 10in. (Carving Knife)
Elliott Smith "Baby Britain, Pt 1" 7in.
Elliott Smith "Baby Britain, Pt 2" 7in.
Elliott Smith "Balled of Big Nothing" 7in.
Elliott Smith "Figure 8" 2xLP
Elliott Smith "Happiness" 7in.
Elliott Smith / Peter Krebs split 7in.
Exploding Hearts "Making Teenage Faces" 7in. white vinyl
Fake Purr "Bad Horsey" 7in. (What Was)
Fall-Outs "Here I Come" 7in. (Regal Select) hand drawn sleeve
Fatals 7" (Nasty Prod)
Ferocious X s/t 7in. (Overthrow)
Firewood s/t 7in. (Robber Baron)
Frank My Uncles Band 7in. (Pelado)
Geeky Dorks "My Pussy Hurts" 7in.
Gewalt 7in. picture disc
Gibson Brothers "Emulsified" 7in. (alternate sleeve)
Gibson Brothers "Man Who Loved Dancin"
Gibson Brothers "My Young Life" 7in.
Gibson Brothers "Punk Rock…" LP
Go Team 7in. Series: March-May, July-September
Guaranteed Ugly "Gypsy Girl" 7in. (Damaged Goods)
Guaranteed Ugly LP (Hangman's Daughter)
Guaranteed Ugly "Warts and All" 7in.
Guided By Voices "Brighton Rocks" 7in. (Fear & Loathing)
Guided By Voices "Benefit For Winos" LP (Boot)
Guided By Voices "Kings Ransom" 2xLP+7"
Hi-Tone Destroyers "Ice Pick" 7in.
Hi-Tone Destroyers "I'll Put a Spell on You" 7in.
Hi-Tone Destroyers "Play the Music of the MC5" 7in.
Hospitals s/t 7in. (silk screened sleeve)
Jed Whitey "Alrighty" 2x7in.
Jesus Lizard "Gladiator" b/w "Seasick" 7in. (Touch & Go)
Jesus Lizard "Head" LP (Touch & Go)
King Brothers 7in. (Bulb)
Knotts 7in. (alt sleeves)
Last Survivors 7in. (Pogo 77)
Laukaus 7in. (Pogo 77)
Midnight s/t LP Ohio band
MOTO "4pac" 7in. (MOC)
MOTO "Eternal Standby" EP (MOC)
MOTO "Hammeroid" EP (Tulpa)
MOTO "I Shot My Load and I'm Ready for the Grave" 7in. (Tulpa)
MOTO "Jacuzzi for the Dead" EP (Little Teddy)
MOTO "This Corpse is a Warning" LP (Resonance)
New Bomb Turks "Bottle Island" 7in. Yellow vinyl
Nightwalker "In Show We Build Electric Chairs" LP (Rockathon)
Nightwalker / Freedom Cruise split 7in. (small hole)
Oblivians s/t 10in. (SFTRI 304)
Oblivians "17 Cum Shots" LP (boot)
Oblivians / Crime Kaisers split 7in.
Oblivians "Sunday You Need Love" 7in. (Crypt)
Oblivians / Two Bo's Maniacs split 7in. Orange vinyl
Okmoniks "Rocknroll With The Okmoniks" 7in.
Paintbox flexi (H:G Fact)
Pavement - Crooked Rain LP + 7in.
Pist "Destroy Society" 7in. (blue vinyl)
Pist / Brutally Familiar split 7in. (blue vinyl)
Rats "You Piss Me Off" 7in. yellow sleeve
Reatards 2nd 7in. Bummer Bitch sleeve
Rocky and the Sweden/Extinct Government split EP
Ron House "New Wave as the Next Guy"
Rondelles "Catastrophe" 7in.
Royal Pendletons / Krontjong Devils split 7in. (Knobbler)
Royal Pendletons LP (SFTRI)
Sebadoh "Owen is my Friend" 7in. color cover
Sic Alps - split w/ Cali Lightning
Sic Alps - Soft Tour 12"
Sic Alps - Description of the Harbor 12"
Smuts "She Got me Hot" 7in.(Certified PR) full color sleeve
Spit Out 1-sided 7in.
Spits / Briefs split 7in.
Spits 1st 7in.
Strip Kings "Backlash" 7in.
Supercharger "Goes Way Out" LP blue vinyl
Tantrum 7in. (Overthrow)
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "No Old Guy Lo Fi Blues" CD
Tonight "1979" 7in.
Tri-City Thundercats - Japanese tour 7in.
Tyrades 1st 7in. w/ "Rejected" sleeve
Unholy Swill "Tapeworm" 7in.
V-3 "Launch Pad Explosion" 2x7in.
V-3 "Super Human" 7in.
V-3 / Laquer split 7in.
Vaselines "Dying For It" 7in. (53rd & 3rd)
Vaselines "Sun of a Gun" 12in. (53rd & 3rd)
Warhead 3rd EP
Warhead "Cry of Truth" EP
Wild Breed "Live at Guidos" 7in. (Belly Lint)
Wild Breed "Shimmy Hunt" 7in.
V/a "Fuzz Club" 7in. (w/ Mummies, Wild Breed, etc) (Prim records)
V/A "Gave us the time to play" 2x7in.


Half Japanese "Calling All Girls" promo poster
Looking for Raul's era TX punk flyers (i.e. Big Boys, Dicks, Huns, Next, Toxic Shock, Scratch Acid, Bodily Funktions)
As well as other TX and US punk flyers (i.e. Skuds, Screamers, Dangerhouse related)


Blank Its necktie
Bloodclot records paraphernalia (button, postcard, etc)
Guided By Voices "Visit thie place" size L shirt
Haskels songbook
Tyrades skateboard

Zine/book wants:

Action! Photozine issues no. 1,2, 5-7
Believer Magazine issue no. 4
Bikini Kill any issues
Baseball Abstract 1977-1982
Bondage zine (TX)
Brain Transplant issue no. 1
Cometbus issues before no. 25; any ½ issues; issue no. 28
Common Sense any issues
Conflict any issues
Cretin Bull any issues
Dear Jesus any issues except 37
Dishwasher issues no. 1-13
Eightball issue no. 9
Flipside 1-25
Forced Exposure issues no. 1-6
Found Photos by Dick Jewell
Hymnal (TX) any issues
Idle Time (TX) issues 1-2, 4-5, 7-11
Loud 3d Punk photo book
Hardware any issues
Jigsaw any issues
Kicks issues no. 1,2,6,8
Killer any issues
Mudflap any issues
Murder Can Be Fun issues no. 2-5, 8, 13-14, Datebooks before 1996
Offense Newsletter
POW any issues
Punk Magazine 1979 calendar
Pure Filth issues no. 1, 11
Scrut Hunt any issues
Siltbreeze any issues
Slash Magazine all issues
Slush zine
Sluggo issue no. 1, 6
Sic teen/Sick teen any issues
Smegma Journal any issues
Sooprize Package any issues after no. 1
Sty Zine any issues except no. 17, 20, 22, 24, 25
Superdope zine issues no. 3,4
Throat Culture zine issue no.2
Too Fun Too Huge zine
Tough & Go zine any issues except no. 22
Ugly Things issues no. 1-11, 14-18
Wild Dog (TX) any issues
Wild Weekend any issues
Wipeout any issues
Xyphoid Process any issues except 3, 4, 5, 10, 14, 15

Original sleeves needed:

Ambulence - It's Up to You
Bombs - Bombs Live 7in.
Buddies (OZ)
Child Abuse "Bring It" EP sleeve
Dezerter – first EP sleeve
Double Fudge - Take You For a Ride (Dragnet)
Five "Act of Contrition"
Gizmos - Muff Divin' sleeve
Matchheads – printed (not color copied)
Max Load – X Rod sleeve
Mind Burger
Null Set 7"
Psycho Sin 7"
Public Disturbance EP
Really Red – Despise Moral Majority EP sleeve only
Static - My Relationship (Theoretical) no wave (2-sided sleeve)
Vains – printed (not copied) sleeve
Valley Of Kings "Happy Hour" 7in. (Incas)
Young Turks

Original inserts needed:

A-Frames - Nuetron Bomb E
Agent Orange – Your Mother Sucks Cock in Hell
Dot Vaeth Group insert
Endtables "Process of Elimination"
Fatal Rage 12" (Mutha) insert
Final Solutions 7"
Fingers 7" insert (Pre-BS)
GISM LP insert
Haskels song book
Husker Du – In a Free Land insert
Lama LP
Maids insert
Negative Approach insert
Poison Idea - Pick Your King insert
Really Red - Modern Needs insert
Sado Nation 7"
Screaming Urge 7"
Uncalled 4
v/a Master Tape V 2 booklet

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