I've been lugging the Polaroid around lately. Fittingly, I've started toying around with it just as the film supply has ceased production and is drying up in front of my eyes. The search for film has not been nearly as thrilling as other pursuits in my life, but I've found enough to play around with. I've yet to kill the instinct that see photos as horizontal or vertical, so despite the perfect square image size, my Polaroids are occasionally shot sideways. (Those are the horizontal shots.) It remains to be seen if I can figure out what I'm doing before altogether running out of film but this page will be home to some of the experimenting along the way.

Spiral Jetty 11 photos

*UPDATED 4/11/09* Estrogen Highs 5 photos
Medication: live show 6 photos
Medication: in the barn 3 photos
Nerve City 2 photos
Nobunny 2 photos
No Fucker 4 photos
Psychedelic Horseshit 4 photos
Sic Alps 4 photos
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments 4 photos
Misc. bands 5 photos

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