DNA 01: GAG REFLEX "The Fucked and the Loud" cassette (1992)
50-100 copies made. Thuggy made around 10 copies, then Wedge made a batch numbered out of 42. This copy is numbered "#6" and is presumably from the first batch image. This one is from the second batch and is labeled "Remixed 2nd edition, 11/92" on the flap image.

***DNA 02: GAG REFLEX "Live From Studio A" cassette (1993)
25 copies

DNA 03: WINDPIPE cassette
Never released
DNA 03-c: H-100s "Rough Mix Tour Promo" cassette
45 copies. As the title implies, this was a rough mix of the "s/t" EP sold on tour. Also includes the Bad Posture 12"(!!!). Some copies (~10) also had H-100s & Apartment 213 live sets image.

DNA 04:H-100s "s/t" EP (1995)
  • 1st press (big hole): 6 defective test presses image; 3 accepted test presses image
    400 black vinyl image
    100 red vinyl, red sleeve (numbered) image
    The first batch of copies have "Pay no more than $3.50!" on the front, but the screen got clogged and further copies were printed without that image
    ***Chris Erba adds: "the first 25 copies contained 3 or 4 different home made pamphlets with topics such as "becoming a punk" and "gambling" i would love to see that shit again & have been trying to track those pamphlets down for years."
    A few copies have cover image in reverse on inside, presumably from stacking non-dry sleeves while printing image

  • 2nd press (small hole): 400 black vinyl
    of these, 50 copies got screened with red ink instead of black image
    100 clear vinyl: 50 in normal sleeves, 25 in "Vanishing Signs" sleeve image, 25 in clear sleeve image.

  • DNA 05: INMATES EP (1995)
  • 1st press (small hole); split release with Brainwashed Records: 5 test presses
    250 copies with "Government Crimes" sleeve (Brainwashed copies) image
    250 copies with Zouo sleeve (Bloodclot copies) image

  • 2nd press (big hole); Bloodclot label only: 100 copies on blue vinyl
    85 of these had normal (Zouo) sleeve with "2nd press" indicated with orange highlighter on the cover
    15 copies in special "Hannukkah" give away edition image

  • 3rd press (big hole): 200 copies
    190 on blue vinyl with normal (Zouo) sleeve, ***10 copies on blue/green/black vinyl.
    Back of sleeve indicates 3rd pressing on these.

  • Also of note is that sleeves on all pressings were made as needed and "Bloodclot News" on the inner sleeve was updated to reflect current news. These are dated.

  • DNA 06: RUINERS "Blank Your Life" EP (1999)
    One press (split release with Noncommercial Records): 3 test presses, 1 reference disk, 300 copies
    Sleeve ink colors vary. Full color: image (See note below re: other color schemes).
    Alternate sleeves (not sure how many of these were made): designed by Bobby image; also, image (writing to tell you the "mystery sleeve" on the ruiners 7" that you have on the site was revealed by paul to have been "bobby's sleeve," as in one he designed for the record and used on his personal copies.)
    Chris Erba adds: "In lieu of the full color covers there was also solid covers with same design in: yellow, green, blue, red, purple and orange. Besides the lyric sheet there was an order correspondence ad by Bobby that said violent h/c with lyrics. There was 1 other song recorded during the same recording session that we couldn't fit on the EP so we tried again on the Battle of worse bands comp, again it didn't fit on that release either. The extra song title is mistakenly printed on that comp."
    The band recently (2005-6) sold remaining stock of this EP with a variation of the regular sleeve that was not full color (black ink on green paper) image.

    DNA 07: PUNCTURE WOUND EP (1999)
    One press (split release with Human Stench Records): 1 reference disk with an extra song; 500 copies
    Standard sleeve exists in photocopied (image) and offset (image) versions. (Colors vary on the photocopied sleeves; this one has black ink on the outside, blue on the inside but some copies have these reversed or have green ink). Most of the offset sleeves ended up with Human Stench.
    25 copies have "Shaun's Cousin" sleeve image; unknown number with *** "Teen Fun at the Beach" sleeve

    DNA 08 was scheduled to be a reissue of Cider's debut EP

    DNA 09 was scheduled to be Cider's second EP from tracks from 1996 and 1999, but this was never released since the band was unhappy with the tracks.

    Bloodclot ad from MRR image
    Bloodclot postcard image, image
    Crimson Mask Video ad image

    Kichigaijin was Wedge's imprint label

    UNKO 01: DSB "No Fight No Get" EP (1996)
    One pressing: ***4 test pressings with full color sleeve.
    900 black vinyl copies image
    Of those 900, 100 have a gold cardstock sleeve. These were all sent to Japan. image
    100 copies on clear vinyl. 75 of these were inserted into standard sleeves.
    25 copies had full color 3d cover for give-away image

    UNKO 02: HIROSHIMA PIGSMASH "Damaging Noise" EP
    One reference copy exists; this was never released.

    NON-1: CIDER EP (1994)
    One press: 300 copies
    Several cover variations: image,image (Besides ink colors, there are some slight differences between these copies. Sleeves were printed on 8 1/2x14 paper. The red copy is trimmed down to 7x14, the green copy is not. Also, the red copy is numbered on the inside but the green is not). Other color combos image; image
    Jew Boy 3 cover image (approx 30 copies) These have a different back than the standard issue as well image
    ***Jerry Lewis cover image (not sure how many copies)
    Unsure about additional sleeve designs
    Chris Erba adds: "Jerry Lewis cover: my copies are on thick blue paper stock, which i believe was standard prior to the Jew Boy 3 covers."
    Ad for the EP image

    NON-2: DARVOCETS (DARVISETTES) "Do the Crop Circle" EP
    One press: 300 copies
    Darvisettes sleeve (numbered on inside of sleeve) image
    Darvocets sleeve image
    The band recently (2005-6) sold remaining stock of this EP with a variation of the second sleeve that was not full color (black ink on green paper).

    NON-3: RUINERS EP (see above)

    NON-4: BRAINWASHED YOUTH "Testing British Accents" EP (2005)
    One press: 500 copies image
    NCR was selling a CD-R version before the vinyl was ready image

    NON-5: WINDPIPE EP (2006)
    Split release with Stomp Your Gonads records (SYG 001)
    One press: 300 copies image

    NON-6: "BATTLE OF THE WORST BANDS" compilation LP (2006)
    Compiles the out of print NCR records (Cider, Darvocets, Ruiners) and the Brainwashed Youth demo
    One press: 300 black vinyl, 175 clear vinyl
    NCR was selling a CD-R version before the vinyl was ready image

    NON-??: FLYIN' TRICHECOS EP (2009)
    Split release with Proud to Be Idiot & Distort Records One press: 300 copies image

    NON-7: H-100s Live LP (2010)
    Split release with Stomp Yer Gonads
    One press: 500 copies, 200 on brown vinyl, 300 on black image
    Recorded live April 2nd, 1995 at Peabody's Down Under in Cleveland, Ohio

    NON-CDLP1: INMATES "Assholes Unanimous Presents..." CD (2006)
    Split release with Brainwashed records
    Compiles Inmates LP, first EP, plus demo & live tracks. image

    Rumor has it that a lot of copies of the Ruiners and Cider EPs were destroyed at a Swinging Utters show when the Darvocets threw them into the crowd.
    Old ads include an upcoming release from THE TKO's. This never happened.
    Here are some old ads stuffed into copies of NC releases: one, two, three
    A NCR sticker image

    01- 9 SHOCKS TERROR "Eath, Wind, & Sheik Throwing Fire" EP
    900 copies on black vinyl image
    ***100 copies on blue vinyl with acetate cover

    02- GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS "Chairshot Politics" EP
    1 copy: 10" acetate reference disc image
    900 copies on black vinyl image
    ***100 copies on red vinyl
    Ad for the EP image

    03- BOULDER LP

    River on Fire ad image

    01- INMATES EP (see above)
    02- INMATES CD (see above)
    03- BRAINWASHED YOUTH EP (see above)


  • ***Demo tape

  • "Vacancy" EP

  • "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" EP

  • Split 7" w/ Gehenna

  • Split 7" w/ Thug

  • Split 7" w/ Benumb

  • Split 7" w/ Dahmer

  • Split 7" w/ Forced Expression

  • demo

  • "Drop the Big One" EP clear and black vinyl

  • 12" on Gloom Records

  • ***Demo tape

  • EP (info above)

  • "The Trilogy" EP (2010) Richie Records image

  • 1st EP (see above)

  • "They Are The Enemy" EP (2005) Painkiller Records
    11 test presses image; 507 copies (104 of which are on gold vinyl) image
    Later repressed as a 12"; 10 test presses image, 633 copies (212 of which are on green vinyl).

  • "3rd Record 19 Years" EP (2011) SPHC Records, 500 copies image

  • "Do The Crop Circle" EP (info above)

  • discography CD-R image

  • "Authentic Music From Another Planet" 1-sided 12" (2006) Painkiller Records
    10 test presses (with a few more test press covers circulating image; 553 pressed: 110 clear vinyl image, 423 green vinyl image
    Second press: 190 copies, 80 of which have an alternate sleeve image

  • "Have Landed" CD
    Self-released on CD-R by the band; reissued by Gloom Records image
    Compiles 7" and first 12" plust 2 live, 1 unreleased

  • "Are New Wave" 12" (2008) Fashionable Idiots
    10 test presses image
    1st press: 150 blue vinyl, 525 black
    Numerous sleeves for the vinyl: Surfing Dolphin (50 blue/100 black), "normal" sleeve (100 blue, 350 black), pink paste-on sleve (75 black) image
    2nd press: 225 black w/ "low rent scam artist" cover

  • sticker image
    skateboard image
    t-shirt image
    flyer image

  • S/T EP (2007) My Mind's Eye image

  • "Shitman" LP (2009) Richie Records, 500 copies image

  • EP (see above)

  • Tape version of EP (includes one extra track) image

  • Has a song on V/A "Cuts and Cigarette Burns" EP (Criminal IQ)

  • S/T EP (2010) Fashionable Idiots image

  • S/T LP (2011) Fashionable Idiots / Proud to Be Idiot Records

  • 2 demos (info above)

  • split EP with Hangnail (1997) Hibachi Records image

  • "Chairshot Politics" EP (see above)

  • "Powerbomb Anthems" 10" 10-15 test presses image, unknown quantity of standard pressing image; 100 copies with silk-screened alt. cover image

  • 5 live songs from the legendary Easter Show on V/A "No Sense Whatsoever" cassette image

  • 1 song from that tape on V/A "Human Stench Vol. 1" 7" comp image

  • Appear on a Suburban Voice CD comp
    t-shirt image, image, image, image, image, image

  • 7" black and white vinyl

  • "Sexually Oriented" 7" red vinyl

  • "Nightmare in Painesville" 7"

  • Split 7" w/ Sloth

  • Split 7" w/ Schnauzer

  • Split 7" w/ Judgement Disorderly

  • Split 7" w/ EBS

  • Split 7" w/ Po Prostu

  • Split LP w/ Sound Like Shit

  • "The Glow" 7" (2006) My Mind's Eye image

  • "Brutal Birthday" 7" (2006) Richie! Records image

  • "The Edge" 7" (2007) P.Trash image

  • "The Intern" 12" (2007) Parts Unknown image; repressed by the band image

  • "Our Best Shit" cassette (2008) Drug Money image

  • "Cat Music" 7" (2008) Fashionable Idiots image

  • "The Hawk" 7" (2009) part of the "Burning Hell Vol. 1" 4 EP set with Brainbombs, Poppets, and Black Bug image

  • "The Load" 7" (2009) Load image

  • "Night Deacon" 7" (2010) Fashionable Idiots image

  • "Great Music Collection" cassette (2010) Fan Death image

  • Unreleased EP (info above)

  • One song on V/A "Hibachi Omnibus Vol. 1" image

  • H-100s
  • "Dismantle" EP (info above)
    Repressed by Coalition Records. Blue wax, multiple covers, label screwed over the band, so fuck 'em. The band threw out the Coalition sleeves and distributed their copies with leftover red-ink sleeves from the 2nd Bloodclot press.
    Repressed as a 12" by SYG/Stained Circle (2008). Same sleeve as original (red ink) image. Includes four extra tracks (outtakes/different versions).

  • "Distort Cleveland" EP (1995) Burrito Records; 3000 copies: image

  • "Texas Death Match" EP (1995) Havoc Records; 1st press: 2500 red, 500 white; 2nd press: 1000 blue image

  • 3" CD on Profane Existence Far East - compiles 2nd & 3rd EPs image
    This CD plus an additional live track are compiled on "Best of PEFE Vol.1" CD

  • Live LP (info above)

    T-shirts image, image

  • S/T EP (self released) 500 or less pressed. Black vinyl, Xerox covers. Band issued, GISM art on Bside label.

  • "Hell On Earth" LP Victory Records 1st pressing: red, orange, white, and black vinyl. Probably 500+ of each. Burbon is replaced by Jason from Mushroomhead on this album.

  • EP (info above)

  • "Assholes Unanimous Presents..." LP (2003) Human Stench
    Recorded in 1999 and scheduled to be released on River On Fire, it didn't come out until 2003. 300 copies. image, alt sleeve image
    Repressed on Painkiller Records (2006) with green sleeves. 1st press: 600 black vinyl; 2nd press 300 pink vinyl image

  • "No We Talkin Hardcore" EP (2008) Even Worse/Kangaroo Records image

  • flier image

  • "In Contrast Of Sin" E.P. (1990) Victory Records
    50 test presses with plain white sleeve
    1st press: 2000+ black vinyl; 1st 200 are in promotional sleeves; cover only has the band name in plain text and a bio on the back. 5 band copies with full-color "joker" sleeve. The rest in regular glossy sleeve with a blue cross; black and beige labels.
    200 red vinyl; regular glossy sleeve with a blue cross; black and beige labels
    2nd press: 1000 gold vinyl. regular glossy cover with a blue cross; white and blue labels
    3rd press: 1000 black vinyl, new glossy sleeve with a green cross & updated victory logo; yellow and green labels.
    Repress: Dutch East/Dark Empire, 1993 unknown amounts of black and white vinyl (guessing 1000+ of each), full color sleeve with new artwork, no insert.

  • "For Those Who Fear Tomorrow" LP Toybox Records
    1st press: sleeve with F. Bacon artwork, 1000
    repress: retitled "And For Those Who Still Fear Tomorrow"
    5,000 numbered copies, various colors of vinyl, sleeve, labels.

  • "120 Days In Sodom" split with Mayday EP (1992) Endgame records
    1st press: 1000+ black vinyl, black and white Xerox sleeve.
    Repress: Two Game records (white, yellow, purple, & red vinyl; unknown quantities)

  • "Systems Overload" LP (1995) Victory Records
    1st press: 500 clear vinyl. Thousands black.

  • "HookedLungStolenBreathCunt" LP Lost & Found
    1st press: 2000+ piclp's. Compiles "For Those Who Fear Tomorrow" as well as E.P. and comp tracks.
    This collection has been released on CD in the U.S. under different names. Hard to find domestically.

  • "Humanity is the Devil" 10" (1996) Victory Records
    1st press: Includes Holy Terror Of Final Judgment pamphlet. 110 pink vinyl (pressing error), 1650 red vinyl, thousands black
    later edition: fold over 1 color cover numbered in various limited editions. Most are black, a handful are red or pink. This was done by victory to cheaply liquidate vinyl back stock.

  • "Seasons In The Size Of Days" LP (1997) Victory Records
    1st press: 518 grey vinyl, thousands black. Does not include lyrics,you had to trade the band for them.

  • "Change b/w Thaw (Cold World)" AKA "Septic Death Karaoke" 7" (1995) Bloodbook
    1st press: 900 black vinyl, Xerox sleeve, numbered. freebie with Bloodbook issue 3.
    100 white vinyl, most of these were trade only copies that dwid kept. Numbered.

  • Split 7" with Kids Of Whitney High (Blood Book)
    1st press: 1,000 black vinyl, freebie with Bloodbook issue 5.

  • Split 7" with Hatebreed Stillborn Records
    1st press: 100 on mixed vinyl, 900 black vinyl.
    Subsequent pressings on yellow, black, green, & purple. Unknown quantities.

  • Split 7" with Psywartare Victory Records
    1st: pic 7". Full color insert. 2000+ pressed.

  • Split 7" with Lockweld Victory Records
    1st pressing: 2000+ black vinyl; 508 "silver vinyl"; 1000 white vinyl

  • never released: Bloodbook 4: GISM tribute with Integrity, Apt. 213, Gehenna, Psywarfare, State of Conviction, and an Aaron Melnick solo thing

  • "White Hot Fire" 7" (MME/Outlaw/Shifty) image

  • ***LP

  • "Slays The Spits" 7" (My Mind's Eye) image

  • "Complete & Total Fucking Midnight" 2xLP (NWN!)

  • "Farewell to Hell" 10" (NWN!)

  • "S/T" EP (Grist Mill Records) image
    Unsure about pressing info/alt covers.
    The band sent multiple copies in for review to Maximum Rocknroll with different covers (front/back and front/back). It always got good reviews.

  • Has a song on V/A "No Future" EP (Grist Mill) image

  • t-shirt image

  • "Eath, Wind, & Sheik Throwing Fire" EP (info above)

  • split EP with DEVOID OF FAITH (Gloom Records)
    Many presses/sleeves. Standard sleeve: image, repress sleeves image, image,
    There are numbered copies with aluminum on an envelope, some with band graphics on a sticker image, some with graphics on acetate image (incidently, both of these copies are numbered "98/100"; perhaps two series of 100 each [or maybe all copies got #98?])
    There are 50 numbered copies with acetate cover sold on tour image (slightly different version image)

  • Split EP with THE KILLERS (Gloom Records) blue, green, & orange vinyl color image

  • "Mobile Terror Unit" EP (Havoc Records) 500 gold vinyl, 2500 marble; 2nd press: 2000 black image

  • "s/t" EP (My Minds Eye Records) image
    Repressed on CD by Mad At The World (includes a DVD) and in Europe by Even Worse (test press of EW version image, image
  • )
  • "Zen and the Art of Beating Your Ass" LP (Devour) 1st press: red vinyl, repressed on black. image
    Later repressed by Havoc records (6 test presses image, 2500 marble, 500 red)

  • "Paying Ohmage" LP (Sound Pollution) image
    Later repressed on My Minds Eye for tour, 200(?) copies image

  • "Live" 12" clear vinyl, 200 copies image

  • "Equalizing Distort" interview tape image

  • have songs on V/A "$4 Ohio Kings" LP, "Spanking Nurse" CD, as well as various Suburban Voice CD comps

  • t-shirt image, image, image, image
    flyer image

  • "Zombie Brains" EP (2007) Decision of Fate image

  • Demo tape

  • Demo tape (live on WCSB Radio) image

  • EP (see above)

  • flyer (this was GSMF first show though they're not on the flyer) image

    Razak Solar System
  • Phantom Power EP cd-r (1999) image

  • "The Promise" LP Incision / Dutch East India Records
    35 numbered test pressed
    1st press: orange vinyl, no insert, 1,000+
    later: black vinyl, no insert, harder to find than orange. Probably pressed to fill leftover covers.

  • "The Worms Will Get In" AKA demo 7" Bloodbook
    Contains the entire Ringworm demo sans instrumental interludes as remixed by Dwid.
    1st pressing: 800 on black, freebie with Bloodbook issue 4. Some come in weird Rainbow cellophane sleeves. 300 with European pre-release sleeve, numbered.
    200 on red: some in regular sleeves with zines. Some with hand screened sleeves with alternate art. image

  • EP (see above)

  • some CDs

  • THE TKO's
  • ***Demo tape

  • "Don't Pull the Plug" EP (1996) Public Square Records; first 100 copies are numbered; 2nd pressing on red vinyl image

  • "Anthem" + 3 EP Vinyl Pants Records image

  • "Stabbing the Church" EP (2004): 300 copies (bootleg of demo songs) image

  • "Fuck Off" 11 song CD image

  • "Somebody Threw A Gallon Jug of Thunderbird Wine At Me" EP (Even Worse Records) image

  • "W/ Report" EP (Even Worse Records) image

  • sticker: image

    t-shirt image

  • 1 EP (see above)

  • "Wolf It Down" CD-R image
    Released on vinyl by Parts Unknown image

  • ***=I need these!

    I put this page together as a way to combine emails and scraps of paper that I've accumulated about discographical information on a small scene who put out a lot of records that I dig. Initially, all photos were from my collection, and everything that didn't have a photo was something I was looking for. As people have seen the site they've provided additional images and written with information about some of the bands that I don't know a lot about, and the scope of the site has grown as I've decided to include them. I am sure that there are more groups that fit the era and scene covered here (especially bands that never got past a demo). Please write with corrections, additions, or if you've got any of the records or demos that I need (marked with ***). Last updated: January 23, 2011.

    This site is based on information accumulated over the past few years. The following people have contributed, either directly (writing info specifically for the site) or indirectly (answering questions about these records): Michael Corrice, Chris Minnicucci, Chris Erba, Stuart Schrader, Chris Corry, Brian Dropdead, Chris Pellow, Damian, Chris Alpino, Sam Thone, Steve Gendelman.

    I need scans of the following: Inmates EP 2nd press with highlighted cover, Puncture Wound "Teen Fun" sleeve. Besides that, I'd love to add scans/photos of miscellaneous stuff pertaining to these bands: demos, t-shirts, stickers, zines, buttons, flyers, etc.

    I'm also looking for any discography info and scans that are missing. Are any bands missing entirely who released at least a demo during the time period?

    Besides the records denoted with ***, I am looking for a video of the Gordon Solie Motherfuckers Easter show from 2000 and related paraphernalia: Bloodclot 2" button, Bloodclot postcard, flyers, etc.

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